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NCA graduates display their creativity

RAWALPINDI, Jan 4 (APP): The fresh graduates of National College of Arts (NCA) displayed their creativity in the disciplines of painting, miniature, sculpture and printmaking during the 4th Degree Show here Friday. The Degree Show represents the philosophies of the different departments carrying experimental approach to more traditional forms of art making. The research projects of the Architecture department focuses on the development of an authentic design sensibility in response to the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In the age of globalization, creativity is commonly regarded as a key to enhancing quality of life and making it sustainable for the future. The NCA provides a unique educational, urban and cultural setting to cultivate the students’ latent potential and provide them sufficient latitude to experiment and develop ideas in an environment that promotes creativity and freedom of expression. It also aims to help the students in acquiring artistic skills, ideas and confidence to succeed in their professional careers as highly creative individuals who can carve a niche in the global cultural economy, said Nadeem Omar Tarar, Director, NCA. Positioning the culture of artistic values is a daunting task and this show contextualizes visual culture within the frame of an academic philosophy, he said. The work of the graduating class showed recurring themes of deconstructing the human condition and of a coming of age. The personal mythologies of these young people have produced paintings, drawings, prints, videos and clever objects that define the lives inside and outside their minds. In different disciplines, Syeda Hera Shakoor displayed 6 of her works, in miniatures Rafique Ali Rana (8), Fatima Amin (10), Yumna Sadiq (12), Ayesha Hassan (14), in sculpture Shayan Ahmed (16) while Xahra Hafeez (18), Schezre Syed (20), Naeem Alam (22), Shanze Zohreh (24), Malghalara Kalim (26) and Benazir Hayat (28) explored the medium of print making. The Degree Show will remain open for public till January 12. APP/Cdra/nsr




2013-01-04 17:59:16