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Defence Production allocated Rs. 2000.00m in PSDP 2012-13

ISLAMABAD, June 01 (APP): The Government has allocated Rs. 2000.00 million for Defence Production Division for the year 2012-13 in Public Sector Development Project . According to the budgetary document released by the government here Friday, Rs. 1907.7 million has been allocated for Installation of Ship Lift and Transfer System and Associated Machinery and Equipment to provide Docking and Repairing Facilities to Surface ships, submarines and commercial vessels upto 4000 tonnage. Rs. 92.3 million has been allocated for Civil Works for up-gradation of Karachi Shipyard R Engineering Works Ltd (KS& EW). APP/ Hamza Total estimated cost was Rs. 6456.3 last year and an amount of Rs. 3396.3 million was taken as Throw Forward till July 1st 2012. APP/Hanza/nsr




2012-06-01 19:10:18