Interview Opening of NATO supply route in interest of Pakistan, Afghanistan: Khar
ISLAMABAD, July 6 (APP): Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said on Friday the opening of NATO supply route is not only in the interest of Pakistan but also of benefit to Afghanistan.In an interview, Khar said it is in the interest of Pakistan that Afghanistan remains peaceful and stable.The stability of both countries is interlinked, she observed.She said basic reason for cause of difficulties for ties between Pakistan and US is the trust deficit due to different incidents.She said Pakistan made it clear that crossing of its red lines by US was not acceptable to it.She said Pakistan took a stand in the aftermath of the Salala checkpost and it refused to go to Bonn conference.The Minister urged that with the settlement of a difficult issue between Pakistan and US, there is an opportunity to build relations with the US.“We should use the opportunity and should not let it go.”The Minister said Pakistan-US process of engagement was in a state of pause.Earlier, she said the Pakistan-US ties were shrouded in non-transparency but her government wanted to remove it once for all.She said the government of Pakistan and people are on the same page on the issue of relations with US.