Taekwondo master Shaukat Fazal a proud son of Pakistan soil
By M. Shafique Raja

ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Long hairy beard, eagle eyes, strong arms, quick fe et and a splendid physique is the impression one gets on first seeing Taekwondo master, Shaukat Fazal.Rightly known as Mr. Pakistani all over the world, Shaukat, now in his mid forties, has given so much devotion to this art that he, his life and work have become one and the same. I have great passion to uphold country’s flag and I feel proud when people in other countries call me Mr. Pakistani, he said talking to APP.A proud son of Pakistan soil, Shaukat reached in finals of the World Taekwondo Poomsee Championship,  held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan a couple of months ago. Among 64 countries, he was successfully placed at World No. 8  by the World Taekwondo Federation. “I was very enthusiastic to win that competition but unluckily I could not make,” he said.

Affiliated with Taekwondo (Korean Martial Art) since 1982, he got training under the supervision of a German Coach J.C Hey  a senior master of World Taekwondo Federation, currently working in German  Consulate in Pakistan  Shaukat also learned the art from Hey’s senior
student in Pakistan, Master Z. R. Baig.
Year 2010 has been an outstanding year for Shaukat as in it two important milestones of his life took place. He qualified for International Foreign Taekwondo Instructor Course from Kukkiwom (The World Taekwondo Headquarter) Seoul, Korea. While in September, he won Silver Medal in International Taekwondo Championship. “I feel pride that I am the only Pakistani who has reached upto that level,” he remarked.
Taekwondo also helped him earn a major role in country’s drama. A television producer who happened to visit a Taekwondo studio in 1993 chose him as a hero for his serial ‘Shahbaz’.
With an outstanding appearance and stellar skills, he performed his role admirably, thus making the Taekwondo country’s one of the popular sport during those days. After that play was aired, more and more people wanted to learn Taekwondo.  So I opened a club to provide necessary training to them, he said.
So far his club has produced dozens of black belt-holders; some of them are representing the country in international events. Shaukat got his 1st Dan Black Belt on November 28, 1986. Presently, he is holding one of the highest ranks i.e 6th Dan Black Belt certified from WTF. He also holds 4th Dan Black Belt in HAPKIDO (Korean Art) and is the only master in Pakistan in this art. In 1987, he was invited by the legendary commander of Special Services Group (SSG) of Pakistan Army Brig. T.M (Shaheed) to train the SSG, which he did with dedication.
He also represented Pakistan in three International World Championships of TKD (Turkey-2008, Egypt-2009 and Uzbekistan-2010). Besides, he participated as a Player Coach Referee in many international and national Taekwondo events.
Shaukat has also passed down his skill to his five children, including his second-degree black belt eldest daughter. I feel real happiness when I see my two-year old son mimicking Taekwondo kicks, he said.  As a true patriot he wishes Pakistani youth to learn this art and let the world know more about their country. “Pakistan is dear to my heart. It has given me everything. I wish the youth of country to know the art, which will make them strong and make them feel proud,” he said.
He is also thankful to Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTF) for theirsupport and cooperation to him for featuring in several international events.
“Throughout my career I have been enjoying their support. It was their kind
cooperation that helped me represent the country at the world level,” he said.
Shaukat has asked other instructors to also devote a part of their time
towards introducing the art in educational institutions of their respective
areas.  “We must instill in our youth a sense of discipline and a code of ethics
to inspire them to lead exemplary lives,” he added.